Meet our dynamic and accomplished team at Scanoleum, where expertise converges with innovation. With over three decades of combined experience in the energy sector, our leaders bring unparalleled proficiency in drilling operations, project management, finance, and along with strategic planning and execution. Guided by a commitment to excellence and sustainability, we navigate the complexities of the industry seamlessly. From optimizing operations to fostering robust global alliances, our team's diverse skills and proven track record underscore our dedication to success. Join us at Scanoleum, where our collective expertise propels us toward a sustainable and innovative future in the energy landscape.


With over 30 years in the drilling industry, Mr. Singh brings a wealth of expertise in safety management, contracts, and oil operations. His strong expertise in land and offshore drilling, along with rig construction, are unmatched. A seasoned leader with a proven track record in optimizing operations. He has a keen eye for efficiency and strategy, guaranteeing smooth and timely execution at every stage. Mr. Singh has held numerous leadership positions as Project Director, Project Manager, Maintenance Manager, Rig Manager. He possesses broad international experience, covering regions such as the United States, Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, India, Mexico, and the GCC countries.

Mr.  Singh holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, which has provided him with a strong technical foundation in addition to his industry-specific knowledge. This combination of technical expertise and industry experience has contributed to his success and effectiveness in the drilling sector.

Finance and Strategy

A motivated and collaborative leader adept in Finance, Strategy, Project Management, Procurement, Business Development, Sales, and Marketing. Specialized in supply chain management, international trade, logistics, and market analysis, she forges robust relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders, propelling revenue growth and market expansion. Her expertise extends to innovative ventures.

Her diverse project portfolio spans Crude Oil and Petroleum Product Trading, LNG infrastructure, LNG Marketing and Trading, and Alternative Fuel Production. In addition to a six-year tenure as Financial Controller, she is leading capital raising and structuring with investors and partners.

Possessing an MBA with specializations in Finance and Marketing from the University of Delaware, she furthered her education with Professional Certificates in Strategic Decision and Risk Management from Stanford University. Her comprehensive skill set, coupled with a successful track record, positions her as a dynamic leader in multifaceted business environments.

Project Director – US Navy Veteran

A highly focused, team-oriented individual with the ability to generate a positive atmosphere in most challenging situations. Building upon several years in the US Navy as a Nuclear Submariner, he joined the O&G industry. He has planned, budgeted, and executed projects in India, Asia, Africa, the ME, and the Americas. Asset types from JU, semi-submersibles, drill ships, FPSOs, MOPUs, and land rigs. Able to adapt rapidly and manage multiple projects across several regions and asset classes.

Scope types include MOPU/FPSO conversion project, LNG Plants refurbishment, Startup of stacked rigs, Shipyard management, On-location projects in operation, Greenfield projects – land/offshore. In addition to projects possesses vast experience with managing day to day operations of assets, mentoring, and coaching the project teams.

Project Manager 1 - Distinguished Professional

With over 14 years of hands-on expertise, Mr. Kumar has emerged as a distinguished professional in the industrial, technical, and energy Bringing a highly focused, team-oriented approach, this team member leverages over 14 years of hands-on expertise in the industrial, technical, and energy sectors within the GCC countries. With significant roles, including Project Manager and Projects Engineer, he has managed and overseen complex projects across the UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait.

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