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1. Project Planning: 2. Health Safety and Environmental Management 3. Procurement and Logistics: 4. Construction and Fabrication: 5. Design and Engineering: 6. Cost and Budget Management: 7. Project Execution and Monitoring: 8. Project Documentation: 9. Commissioning and Operations: 10. Decommissioning and Closure:

1. Mobilization: 2. Drilling Operations: 3. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Management: 4. Quality Control: 5. Monitoring and Control Phase: Progress Monitoring: Issue Resolution: 6. Closure Phase: Demobilization: Documentation and Reporting: Client Handover: Project Evaluation:

Our unique approach involves sourcing Crude Oil and Petroleum products directly from producers and refineries. This model ensures a streamlined and efficient supply chain that you can trust. Pillars of our Direct Sourcing Model represent the foundational principles that uphold its effectiveness and distinguish it as a streamlined and client-centric approach to procurement:

Operational Excellence: Beyond the Transaction: Our dedicated team goes beyond the transaction, offering comprehensive operational support that ensures a seamless and worry-free experience for our clients. Key Features: 1. Prompt Issue Resolution: - Operational challenges are promptly identified and addressed, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from swift problem resolution.

We understand the financial complexities associated with energy transactions. To alleviate any financial pressures our clients may face, we offer support through assisting in flexible payment options, financing assistance, and cost-effective solutions. This collaborative approach is a te Empowered by our strong network of investors, we present a formidable financial capability.