LNG Advisory

Unlocking Excellence Across the LNG and Natural Gas Value Chain

1. Comprehensive Expertise

- Seasoned advisors with interdisciplinary expertise cover strategic, technical, and commercial aspects.
- Dedicated focus on LNG and Natural Gas value chain ensures holistic industry coverage.

2. Strategic Excellence

- Crafting LNG and Gas strategies, portfolio development, and robust safety and compliance management.
- Optimizing asset performance through meticulous maintenance strategies.

3. Technical Prowess

- Conducting thorough feasibility studies, techno-economic assessments, and providing end-to-end engineering services.
- Offering detailed cost analyses and comprehensive contracting solutions.

4. Commercial Mastery and Market Insight

- Managing LNG procurement and sales, trading, risk management, and regulatory compliance.
- Unveiling global market fundamentals, analyzing economic factors, and providing insights into pricing dynamics.