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Scanoleum - Oil Rig Projects Drilling, Rig Project Management & Oil Products Marketing Company

Welcome to Scanoleum

Welcome to Scanoleum, a talented leader in the energy sector since 2013, headquartered in California, USA. Guided by an accomplished and dedicated leader with over 35 years of unparalleled experience in Oil and Gas industry, Scanoleum stands as more than an emerging force; we are a dynamic organization deeply committed to both growth and sustainability. He brings a wealth of expertise in safety management, contracts, compliance and oil operations. His strong expertise in land and offshore drilling, along with rig construction, are unmatched.

In a terrain marked by uncertainty, we thrive on agility and adaptability, skillfully navigating market fluctuations through empowerment. Our fundamental prowess lies in a success-driven team that goes beyond mere dynamism and versatility; it stands as a robust force dedicated to excellence at every stage. At Scanoleum, we take pride in our teams and the extensive experience they bring to the forefront. Our commitment extends past routine operations, reaching the establishment of impactful partnerships—both strategic and commercial—with a diverse range of industry stakeholders. We actively capitalize on synergies, turning challenges into steppingstones for innovation and growth. Our dedication to building lasting relationships is evident, supported by a proven track record of nurturing high-performing global teams.

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Crude Oil and Refined Products Marketing

Welcome to our Oil and Petroleum Products Marketing Services. We specialize in marketing crude oil and petroleum products with a focus on delivering expert solutions tailored to the dynamic energy market. We are dedicated to delivering efficient services that provide added value, addressing a wide range of diverse needs with excellence.

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